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Esošais Sūknis - Drenāža un kanalizācija

Ražotājs Pedrollo
Produkta nosaukums RXm 3
Elektropieslēgums 1x230 V
Caurules pieslēgums Rp 32
Nominālā jauda P2 0,55 kW

Nomaiņas sūknis Apmaiņats komplekts

Produkta nosaukums TS 32/12 A
Artikula Nr. 6043945
Elektropieslēgums 1x230 V
Caurules pieslēgums Rp 32
Nominālā strāva 3,6 A
Nominālā jauda P2 0,6 kW
Šķidruma temperatūras diapazons +3 - +35 °C
Brīvā caurplūde 10


Iespējamas uzstādīšanas izmaiņas, nomaiņas sūknim ir atbilstošs savienojuma diametrs.
Replacement pump has impeller made of PLC.
Replacement pump has higher motor power.

Produkta informācija
TS 32/12 A

TS 32/12 A
Artikula Nr.: 6043945

Your advantages
  • User-friendly – lightweight, ready-to-plug version (Plug&Pump)
  • Perfect for mobile applications – features a robust, impact-resistant stainless steel housing
  • Reliable operation – stainless steel-encapsulated motor with sheath flow cooling, mechanical seal and sealing chamber
Submersible drainage pump

Pumping of:
  • Sewage without faeces or long-fibre constituents
  • Wastewater
  • Connection cable with plug
  • Float switch
  • Self-switching thermal motor monitoring
  • Sheath current cooling
Scope of delivery
  • Pump with connection cable and plug
  • Attached float switch
  • Non-return valve, supplied
  • Hose connection, enclosed
  • Installation and operating instructions
Technical data
  • Mains connection 1~ 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Max. immersion depth: 7 m
  • Fluid temperature: 3 ... 35 °C, briefly up to 3 min.: max. 90 °C
  • Pressure port: Rp 1¼
  • Motor housing: 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Pump housing: 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Impeller: SPL
  • Shaft: 1.4401 (AISI 316)
  • Seal:
  • On motor side: NBR
  • Fluid side: Carbon/ceramic
Submersible pump for stationary and portable wet-well installation in fully automatic mode with attached float switch.

The pumps are equipped with an open multi-channel impeller and have a 10 mm free ball passage. The pressure connection is a vertical threaded connection.

Single-phase AC motor with integrated operating capacitor. The motor heat is transferred directly to the fluid via the motor housing.

The motor is equipped with automatically switching thermal motor monitoring. This means that the motor is switched off if it overheats and is automatically switched on again once it has cooled down.

The seal is created on the fluid side by a mechanical seal, and on the motor side by a rotary shaft seal. A sealing chamber with a white-oil filling is located between the gaskets.

The pump is equipped with a 10 m connection cable with a shockproof plug and an attached float switch.

  • Drain TSW with twister function – The twister function guarantees constant turbulence in the pump's suction area. This prevents sediment from settling, This results in a clean pump sump and reduces the build-up of odours