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Esošais Sūknis - Daudzpakāpju

Ražotājs DAB (Jet)
Produkta nosaukums Aqua Block Jet 45/100 T-100
Elektropieslēgums 3x400 V
Caurules pieslēgums Rp 25
Nominālā jauda P2 1,85 kW

Nomaiņas sūknis Apmaiņats komplekts

Produkta nosaukums HMC 605 3~
Artikula Nr. 2550617
Elektropieslēgums 3x400 V
Caurules pieslēgums Rp 25
Nominālā strāva 2,8 A
Nominālā jauda P2 1,1 kW


Iespējamas uzstādīšanas izmaiņas, nomaiņas sūknim ir atbilstošs savienojuma diametrs.
The replacement pump has a patented suction design, which means quiet operation and higher capacity. All fluid-affected parts are made of non-corrosive material.
The replacement pump is equipped with a 50 liter pressure tank.

Produkta informācija
HMC 605 3~

HMC 605 3~
Artikula Nr. : 2550617

Your advantages
  • Ideal system for supplying water throughout the building
  • Low-noise due to multistage design
  • Outstanding self-priming capability due to innovative priming wing
  • All parts in contact with the fluid are corrosion-free
  • Reduction of switch-on frequency and avoidance of fluid hammer, thanks to 50 l diaphragm pressure vessel
Self-priming water-supply unit .

  • Water supply
  • Sprinkling
  • Irrigation and spraying
  • Pumping water from wells and out of tanks lying at greater depths
  • Directly flanged motor
  • Pressure switch
  • Diaphragm pressure vessel (with replaceable diaphragm)
Scope of delivery
  • Pump
  • Pressure switch
  • Pressure gauge
  • Diaphragm pressure vessel (50 l)
  • Pressure hose with steel casing and screwed connection
  • Installation and operating instructions
Technical data
  • Mains connection 3~230/400 V, 50 Hz
  • Suction head max. 8 m
  • Max. inlet pressure of 4 bar
  • Fluid temperature +5 °C to +35 °C
  • Max. operating pressure 8 bar
  • Pressure switch setting range 1-5 bar
  • Protection class IP54
  • Suction- and pressure-side connection Rp 1
  • Pump housing made of 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Impeller made of Noryl
  • Shaft made of 1.4057 / 1.4404 stainless steel (1.1 kW)
  • Mechanical seal made of carbon/ceramic
  • Stage chambers made of Noryl
  • Seal made of NBR